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Black Beauty / Чорний Красень. Автобіографія коня.  (English Library)
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Black Beauty / Чорний Красень. Автобіографія коня. (English Library)

110 грн.


The English writer Anna Sewell (1820—1878) devoted this book to her favourite animals — horses. A thoroughbred, well brought-up, submissive and faithful horse Black Beauty tells about his life beginning with his careless childhood of a slow-witted foal till his adult age when he, having served people for many years and tasted good and evil from various owners, finds at last his happiness. Since all the events are shown through the horse's eyes, it is easier for a reader to comprehend these noble animals, to be imbued with their fate. The book stirs up sympathy with each living being, teaches mercy and love not only for the animals but for the people as well.

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